ECOSENSE II project is motivated by key-enabling technologies for the Internet of Things to allow the management of greener Smart Spaces. Our aim is to implement a heterogeneous IoT network where different data sources provide a smart server with context information towards collaboration among humans and objects.

We are interested on carrying out real experiments with commercial devices in different environments, improving communications and providing more sustainable networks. Our major goals include the deployment of the network in real environments to define a set of experiments and, thus, define the problems to afford. The definition of several data-gathering sources with different wireless technologies is the key to progress towards a greener Internet of Things where zero fails, total coverage and collaborative environments are promoted. We’re currently working with proyects concerning Industry 4.0, Smart Home, Healthcare and Sustainability towards the Internet of Things.

In this website we offer a brief review of the most remarkable research areas, projects, publications and experience, including a space where the last updates of ECOSENSE are provided.